The Options
It is important that families choose the kind of final disposition they feel is more meaningful for them and most appropriate for the deceased. At Gerst Funeral Homes we will help you understand and make the right decision. Common forms of disposition are:

    Earth Burial
    Interment or earth burial is the most common. Most families feel comfortable with the idea of a final resting place where entire families can be buried together and at a place other family members can visit. Cemeteries vary and have different requirements in receptacles and markers used.

    Like burial, entombment offers a fixed, final resting place. When a body is entombed, the casket is placed in a mausoleum, an aboveground structure usually made of marble or stone. Mausoleums vary greatly in size and design. Some are large enough for entire families, with room for each person's casket.

    When a body is cremated, it is taken to a crematory, where intense heat or fire reduces the body to a few pounds of bone fragments and ashes within two hours. After the cremation is complete, the remains are placed in an urn.

We allow and encourage family to construct picture boards of an individual's life story as well as bring in important personal items used in that life story (examples are golf clubs, quilts, university flags, medals, etc.…). We also offer customized engraving and appliqués on certain products.