How Grief Journaling Can Help You to Heal After a Loss

Image of a person writing in a grief journal

Grief journaling is a creative outlet that can help you process your feelings after experiencing a loss. Journaling provides a safe space to share your innermost thoughts and/or emotions that might otherwise be difficult to express openly. Writing daily can help individuals who have been putting off working through their grief to cope with their […]

5 Podcasts to Help Affirm, Reflect on, and Reframe Your Grief

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Have you recently been struggling with grief? Have other coping techniques been ineffective so far? Consider listening to a grief podcast! Grief is complex, and sometimes, listening to another person’s story can help you to start validating your own feelings and experiences.  Benefits of Listening to a Podcast Listening to a grief podcast can help […]

6 Grief Tips for Reimagining the Holidays

6 Grief Tips for Reimagining the Holidays Header

Christmas music on the radio, countless cheery commercials, and colorful lights everywhere you go: these constant reminders can be overwhelming for anyone celebrating the season without their loved ones. In a time that carries a lot of joy, merriment, and cheer, there can also be a lot of sadness and dread when grieving during the […]

Gratefulness & Grieving: What You Should Know

Loss and grief are often magnified during the holiday season, but so is the power of gratitude. After losing a loved one, gratefulness and giving thanks is not something that many people contemplate in the middle of grieving. At the holidays, practicing gratitude can help you find purpose in your grief and honor the emotions […]

How to Celebrate Meaningful Days While Grieving

If you’ve known loss and grief, you have maybe also known the fear of celebrating. Just like the seasons, grief constantly changes. Fall and the holiday season can be especially taxing on your recovery. As each important date comes and goes – anniversaries, birthdays, holidays – you’re reminded that the person you’re grieving isn’t there […]

What Can We Learn About Grief From Other Cultures?

While people around the world react to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, we’re reminded that grief is truly a universal experience. From Dia de los Muertos in Mexico to South Korean burial beads to the elaborate preplanning of a monarch’s public mourning – funeral customs are just as unique as the cultures they’re from. […]

Preparing for a Protestant Funeral

Preparing for a Protestant Funeral

The passing of a loved one is a time to remember their life and honor their legacy. While there are many ways to do this, for those whose faith was important to them, honoring their Christian beliefs at the time of their passing is a gesture of beauty, dignity, and respect. Let this be your […]

Veteran Burial Benefits and Funeral Etiquette

veteran burial services

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – President John F. Kennedy The approach of Veteran’s Day on November 11 is an appropriate time to highlight veteran burial benefits and funeral etiquette that veterans are eligible to receive.   History […]

Catholic Funeral Rites and Traditions

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When a loved one passes on, there is a natural desire to honor their life and legacy. This can come in many forms, but especially for those who hold their faith closely, honoring their deeply held Catholic beliefs can be a beautiful gesture. The Catholic Church has many beautiful and meaningful rites, ceremonies, and traditions […]

What Is a Designated Funeral Representative?

Designated Funeral Represenative

Death and dying is something we have little control over. While the passing of a loved one can bring greif, many individuals find comfort in knowing their final wishes will be carried out by a person they trust most. Typically family members are responsible to carry out an individual’s wishes, but there are circumstances where […]