Five TED Talk Playlists to Help You Move Forward in Your Grief Journey

Ted Talks on Grief

In January, we published an article showcasing podcasts that help listeners process different types of grief experiences and affirm their own grief journey. This month, we would like to highlight a similar kind of resource in video form: Ted Talks on Grief.  Many people are familiar with TED, an organization that fosters community and creates […]

5 Podcasts to Help Affirm and Reframe Your Grief

Image of a person with a microphone for a grief podcast episode

Have you recently been struggling with grief? Have other coping techniques been ineffective so far? Consider listening to a grief podcast! Grief is complex, and sometimes, listening to another person’s story can help you to start validating your own feelings and experiences.  Benefits of Listening to Grief Podcasts Listening to a grief podcast can help […]

6 Grief Tips for Reimagining the Holidays

6 Grief Tips for Reimagining the Holidays Header

Christmas music on the radio, countless cheery commercials, and colorful lights everywhere you go: these constant reminders can be overwhelming for anyone celebrating the season without their loved ones. In a time that carries a lot of joy, merriment, and cheer, there can also be a lot of sadness and dread when grieving during the […]

Gratefulness and Grieving: What You Should Know

holding hands at thanksgiving table gratefulness and grieving

Loss and grief are often magnified during the holiday season, but so is the power of gratitude. For many people, though, gratefulness and grieving might seem to be completely opposite emotions. Practicing gratitude, however, can help you find purpose in your grief and honor the emotions and memories that arise this time of year. As […]

Preparing for a Protestant Funeral

Preparing for a Protestant Funeral

The passing of a loved one is a time to remember their life and honor their legacy. For those whose faith was important to them, honoring their Christian beliefs is a gesture of beauty, dignity, and respect. Let this be your go-to guide for preparing for a protestant funeral. Differences Between Catholic and Protestant Funeral […]

Veteran Burial Benefits and Funeral Etiquette

veteran burial services

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – President John F. Kennedy The approach of Veteran’s Day on November 11 is an appropriate time to highlight veteran burial benefits and funeral etiquette that veterans are eligible to receive.   History […]

Catholic Funeral Rites and Traditions

catholic traditions

When a loved one passes on, there is a natural desire to honor their life and legacy. This can come in many forms, but especially for those who hold their faith closely, honoring their deeply held Catholic beliefs can be a beautiful gesture. The Catholic Church has many beautiful and meaningful rites, ceremonies, and traditions […]

9 Essential Items You Need to Plan a Funeral

essential items for planning a funeral

When a loved one passes, we understand the hardships that come at family members from all angles. At Gerst Funeral Home, we have been supporting families in the Grand Rapids area since 1885. Our utmost goal is to walk with families through each and every step of the funeral planning process. We aim to help […]

3 Ways to Honor Your Loved Ones

3 Ways to Honor Your Loved Ones

Celebrating the life of a loved one can come in many forms. Many people choose to have their loved ones cremated so they are able to keep them near and dear forever. Cremation planning helps you find a way to beautifully and uniquely honor your loved one’s and is an amazing way to pay homage […]

Top 5 Tips For Working Through Grief

Top 5 Tips For Working Through Grief

Losing a loved one or going through a period of grief can be a difficult time for many. Life is always hard after a tough loss, but there are many resources and programs available that can lift your spirits and set you back on the path to happiness and remembrance. There is a resource for […]