Gratefulness & Grieving: What You Should Know

Loss and grief are often magnified during the holiday season, but so is the power of gratitude. After losing a loved one, gratefulness and giving thanks is not something that many people contemplate in the middle of grieving. At the holidays, practicing gratitude can help you find purpose in your grief and honor the emotions […]

Preparing for a Protestant Funeral

Preparing for a Protestant Funeral

The passing of a loved one is a time to remember their life and honor their legacy. While there are many ways to do this, for those whose faith was important to them, honoring their Christian beliefs at the time of their passing is a gesture of beauty, dignity, and respect. Let this be your […]

Veteran Burial Benefits and Funeral Etiquette

veteran burial services

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – President John F. Kennedy The approach of Veteran’s Day on November 11 is an appropriate time to highlight veteran burial benefits and funeral etiquette that veterans are eligible to receive.   History […]

Catholic Funeral Rites and Traditions

catholic traditions

When a loved one passes on, there is a natural desire to honor their life and legacy. This can come in many forms, but especially for those who hold their faith closely, honoring their deeply held Catholic beliefs can be a beautiful gesture. The Catholic Church has many beautiful and meaningful rites, ceremonies, and traditions […]

9 Essential Items You Need to Plan a Funeral

essential items for planning a funeral

When a loved one passes, we understand the hardships that come at family members from all angles. At Gerst Funeral Home, we have been supporting families in the Grand Rapids area since 1885. Our utmost goal is to walk with families through each and every step of the funeral planning process. We aim to help […]

3 Ways to Honor Your Loved Ones

3 Ways to Honor Your Loved Ones

Celebrating the life of a loved one can come in many forms. Many people choose to have their loved ones cremated so they are able to keep them near and dear forever. Cremation planning helps you find a way to beautifully and uniquely honor your loved one’s and is an amazing way to pay homage […]

Top 5 Tips For Working Through Grief

Top 5 Tips For Working Through Grief

Losing a loved one or going through a period of grief can be a difficult time for many. Life is always hard after a tough loss, but there are many resources and programs available that can lift your spirits and set you back on the path to happiness and remembrance. There is a resource for […]

5 Ways To Brighten Someone’s Day

Brighten Someones Day

When you care about someone, it’s natural to want to help them feel their best. Your friends, family, coworkers, and other connections make up your supportive social network. There are many ways to make anyone’s life seem a little bit nicer. One simple act can turn around a bad day, or make a special event […]

The History Behind Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2021

Parades, picnics, 3-day weekends, grave flowers, official ‘national remembrance’ of our dead, the National Parade in Washington, DC —all mark the national holiday we know as Memorial Day; honoring our lost loved ones, particularly those who passed while protecting our freedoms in battle. We all know these facts—but there’s more you won’t read in history […]

What Is a Designated Funeral Representative?

Designated Funeral Represenative

Death and dying is something we have little control over. While the passing of a loved one can bring greif, many individuals find comfort in knowing their final wishes will be carried out by a person they trust most. Typically family members are responsible to carry out an individual’s wishes, but there are circumstances where […]