Grief Insomnia: Tips for Rebalancing Your Sleep After Loss

grief insomnia

TW: This article contains mentions of depression and suicide.  Sleep disturbances tend to occur more frequently for individuals who are stressed, fatigued, not exercising regularly, and have difficulty relaxing before bed. For those who have just experienced the loss of a close friend or family member, you are likely experiencing all of the above. Troubled […]

How Grief Journaling Can Help You to Heal After a Loss

Image of a person writing in a grief journal

Grief journaling is a creative outlet that can help you process your feelings after experiencing a loss. Journaling provides a safe space to share your innermost thoughts and/or emotions that might otherwise be difficult to express openly. Writing daily can help individuals who have been putting off working through their grief to cope with their […]

6 Grief Tips for Reimagining the Holidays

6 Grief Tips for Reimagining the Holidays Header

Christmas music on the radio, countless cheery commercials, and colorful lights everywhere you go: these constant reminders can be overwhelming for anyone celebrating the season without their loved ones. In a time that carries a lot of joy, merriment, and cheer, there can also be a lot of sadness and dread when grieving during the […]

Gratefulness and Grieving: What You Should Know

holding hands at thanksgiving table gratefulness and grieving

Loss and grief are often magnified during the holiday season, but so is the power of gratitude. For many people, though, gratefulness and grieving might seem to be completely opposite emotions. Practicing gratitude, however, can help you find purpose in your grief and honor the emotions and memories that arise this time of year. As […]

How to Celebrate Meaningful Days While Grieving

Picture shows birthday cake with candles blown out. This blog discusses how to celebrate meaningful days while grieving

If you’ve known loss and grief, you have maybe also known the fear of celebrating. Just like the seasons, grief constantly changes. Fall and the holiday season can be especially taxing on your recovery. As each important date comes and goes – anniversaries, birthdays, holidays – you’re reminded that the person you’re grieving isn’t there […]

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness

The month of October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Breast cancer affects more than 240 thousand Americans in the U.S. and is one of the most common forms of cancer affecting both females and males. This month aims to honor those affected by breast cancer as well as raise awareness of preventative measures to […]

When Your Soulmate Dies

When Your Soulmate Dies

Grief as a quest I often talk about grief as a journey through the wilderness. It is dangerous and lonely. It can be cold and dark. Grievers often feel lost there for a long, long time. You probably recognize this metaphor of the wilderness of grief. Since your soulmate died, I imagine you, too, have […]

Embracing the Sadness of Grief

Embracing the Sadness of Grief

Why is embracing grief necessary? Why does the emotion we call sadness have to exist at all? Couldn’t we just move from loss to shock to acceptance without all that pain in the middle? The answer is that sadness plays an essential role. It forces us to regroup—physically, cognitively, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. When we […]

Healing Your Grief About Aging

Healing Your Grief About Aging

We worship the idea of perpetual youth, so we struggle against the passage into becoming a “senior citizen.” The huge anti-aging trend reinforces the idea that growing old is to be avoided at all costs—and cost it does! Healing your grief about aging is a journey. At our fingertips, we now have Botox shots that […]

Healing Grief During the Holiday Season

grief during holidays

Love Does Not End With Death Since love does not end with death, holidays may result in a renewed sense of personal grief-a feeling of loss unlike that experienced in the routine of daily living. Society encourages you to join in the holiday spirit, but all around you the sounds, sights and smells trigger memories […]