H. Edward Prein

7/9/1932   —   5/12/2018

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  • Kevin Williams

    My sincere condolences to Mrs. Prein, Cathy, and the rest of the family.

  • Elizabeth and Cliff

    Our deepest sympathies to Mrs. Prein and the entire Prein family. May God grant you peace and may you find comfort in His blessings and presence. We are truly sorry for your loss. Sincerely, Cliff and Elizabeth Brink

  • Maren and Stephen Channer

    Cathy and all of the Prein Family,
    We are so sorry for your loss.

  • Robert E. Carlson

    Dear Mrs. Prein,

    I am also at Porter Hills but in the E. Fulton Street complex. First, I want to tell you that I have known Ed since I was on the Plainfield Township board in the late 60s and early 70s. I was there when Williams & Works was our Engineering company. I also voted to give our business to Ed and Tom when they started their own company. Ed was a sterling person, without question.

    I missed seeing him over the years that my career took me to a different city until retirement. When I learned that Ed was in one of our Green Houses, I also realized it was too late to connect with him because of his illness. My wife has had Alzheimer’s for 10-11 years and is in our Health Center. The last two years I have not been able to take care of her but can see her practically every day because of my closeness.

    Two or three years ago, I noticed that you and your family had set up a fund to help people get their first ID bracelet. I appreciated that and it took me back to the days when we expanded the water system and put in a sanitary sewer system. I know that Ed’s death is a great loss to you and your family, and I want you to know that I send my prayers and sympathy because I have an idea of what you have gone through.

    I am sorry I could not make it to the memorial service, but I want you to know that I send my prayers to you and your family.

    Robert E. Carlson

  • Sharon Bacon

    Dear June,
    My deepest sympathies to you and your family. I learned only recently of Ed’s passing, noting a mass in his memory in the church bulletin. I’m so sorry not to have known sooner.
    I have fond memories of Ed. Such a gentle, caring soul! And I’m sad that such a brilliant mind succumbed to the ravages of dementia. I will be keeping both you, Ed, and your family in my prayers as you grieve his loss. Should you be in Elk Rapids this summer, I would really like to see you and share some time together.
    Sharon Bacon

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