James E. Hill

07/14/1938   —   04/18/2018

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  • Christina

    I’m going to miss you Grandpa hill I remember when you use to put us in the back of your mower and drive us around the backyard. I also remember all the sleepovers in the basement with my aunties.

  • Larry French Jr.

    I never beat you in pool or poker. I’ll miss you.
    Love, Lar

  • Jeremy Stillson

    You will be missed, uncle Jim! Love you!

  • Robin Morgan

    Rest now my friend I am honored to have known you. Happy you were part of my family.

  • Monica Smith

    Very sweet, He was a very patient Man to have to deal with so many children, loving, caring, all and all a remarkable individual. He will be greatly missed. Love & Peace & Harmony to him may he celebrate life with those who left before him in God’s Garden.

  • Jan Carlson

    To Lisa, Merle and children, I’m so sorry for your loss. He sounds like a wonderful man. Find peace and love in all your memories. ❤

  • Mark Thiede

    Lisa, very sorry for your loss. Unfortunately I know the pain of loosing a parent. I will say a prayer to Jehovah tonight to give you strength at this difficult time.

  • Julie Resch (and my home with all my family)

    Words can not express the meaning of my Step father Jim. My father & Jim are always going to be in my heart. My love for my father was tremendous & when I came to Michigan for vacation time, he helped me when I was missing my father. I loved Yahtzee time with him. The memories of the game will stand out as he taught it to me and most always gave me his time to play a game. The odd concoctions of snacks he ate were actually quite good. He stepped in when I needed him to take pictures so I would have memories to take home of my sisters & brothers and other family with me in the picture. I remember my 110 camera. There was also my 126. I still have pictures I took of my family when visiting Michigan. Anyway, I could write a book, but I better end it with…I love you Jim; thanks for being my stepfather…well let’s remove that unneeded word…”step”. My father was the best but Jim came close by being my second father and who said second was such a bad thing. As little time I was able to spend with you, I still and always will love you and now will oh so miss you. Bless you Jim for taking me under your wing and treating me as your daughter.

    Always ❤️

  • Rusty Reens

    I am so sorry for your loss Jim was like a dad to me and he taught me to ride a motorcycle I’ll never forget that he was a great man and father I will miss him, so sorry I was coming out to visit everyone this summer to many losses in the last couple of months, be strong, love you you all, he is in a place with God now RIP Jim.

  • Arvid Estep

    Your father’s vision of life was truly remarkable. He was indeed an inspiration to us all. He is a great loss to all the people who know him. May his soul rest in peace, and for you- comfort through the love of God.

  • Joseph thompson

    I feel your pain and your loss I be leave he is in better place. I only meet Jim two times but felt I new him for awhile.

  • Kim Bellagurl

    Silence is Golden… In the beginning as in the end.. Soldier on…


    Jim you will be missed, you were always a HAPPY GUY with a Sweet Smile

  • Helen & Ashley Workman-Savannah, GA

    Jim was a great friend. I remember when I moved to Muskegon in 1997 (for 5 months) Jim helped me painted my living room in the house I was renting. I asked him if he wanted a drop cloth and he said no. I said are you sure!? He did not get paint anywhere but on the walls. He did a fantastic job. I know Jim would have done anything for anymore, that is what made him so special. I’m just sorry that we hadn’t seen him in the last 10 years. Your dad was very special to our entire family. We will miss him. We love you all! 🙂 With love, thoughts and prayers, Helen & Ashley.

  • Sue and Matt Evans

    Thinking of you all and praying for your family on this difficult day. May the peace of the Lord surrounded you all.

  • Mike and Joy Wahby

    So sorry for your lost. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.

  • Darwin Stillson

    I will miss you Uncle Jim. Love you, Darwin

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