Jeremy Smith

06/04/1979   —   09/15/2021

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  • Regina M. Dallaire

    Grieving is HARD! It’s unpredictable, it’s sad, cruel, isolating & embarrassing. It’s numbing & painfully chaotic all at the same time. It’s the calm silence & the raging storm, within moments of each other. It’s the laughing with tears rolling down your face, but most of all, it’s an extremely unbearable feeling of finality that leaves you with an indescribable void that can never be undone.
    It’s the bridge over those troubled waters .
    For me one of the most painful parts of grieving is when “the dust begins to settle.” The world begins to slowly start moving again and I’m just not always ready. Almost like ripping the band aid off a raw wound. It’s the resistance of the understanding that life goes on & when it does, it’s a normal you never wished to know.
    Thank you Jeremy, for always being my friend, and always being there for me. I’ll never forget you
    Rest in the sweetest peace.

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