Judge Janet A. Haynes

09/21/1945   —   12/16/2020

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The Guestbook
  • Barbara Cole

    Kelsey and Erin,
    You mother was one fabulous lady! I enjoyed many Saturday morning coffees with her at Starbucks over the years. I will miss her warm smile and laughter.
    Hugs….Barb Cole

  • Elaine Shay

    We met Janet at a few GVSU functions in support of the arts, then socialized through mutual friends. She was always gracious, entertaining, interested in so many things! She was an inspiration as a confident and wise woman who added so much to this community. Her life of service has made this a better world. We are deeply saddened by her passing, and send sincere sympathy to her family. Larry & Elaine Shay

  • Diann Landers

    Your memory will be a blessing my friend.

  • Marge Potter

    Janet you will be missed by not only the Tappers but all who ever came in contact with you. You were the wise and wonderful friend that everyone could turn to and everyone loved. You are greeted at the gates of heaven with gratitude for a life well lived and a smile because of all those you gave to your friends and family.

  • Gary P Schenk

    To the Family:

    My condolences on your very personal loss. Janet was a tremendous colleague, a terrific lawyer and Judge and to my immense and profound gratitude someone who was always willing to help an old lawyer understand the vagaries or a Court he did not readily frequent. A great sense of humor, always showing respect for members of the Bar who appeared before her and just a great person. She will be missed.

  • Bari Johnson

    Your/our dear funny, witty, charming, and sharp Janet will be missed by many! You have my deepest sympathy now and always.

  • Lynn Perry

    So many memories! But my favorite are memories of her smiles and wicked wit. How fortunate you are to have had a mother who truly lived.

  • Susan L Dobrich

    I will miss Janet. She was a gem. RIP.

  • Jennie Bryan

    Oh, my goodness, what very sad news. I extend my sincere condolences to the family.

  • David Skidmore

    I had the honor of learning probate litigation by practicing in Judge Haynes’ courtroom. She was respectful, smart, prepared, kind, fair, and had a great sense of humor. By the time she retired, I had become very fond of her, and I’m deeply saddened to learn of her passing. Please accept my condolences.

  • Kathleen Adams

    I will remember her as a kind, intelligent, open minded, strong woman who followed her heart.
    She accepted others for who they were regardless of class, race or appearance. I admired her for being true to herself.

  • Robert DeJong

    So many of us attorneys who knew, appreciated and respected Judge Haynes all express our sincere sympathy to the children and grandchildren and other loved ones of the Judge. We know that expressions of sympathy cannot fill the void left by her departure from this earth. But we hope you will find some comfort in knowing how much your mother/grandmother was appreciated and respected by so many of her colleagues. Rest in Peace, Judge Haynes

  • Stephen Afendoulis

    Always treated everyone who came before her with dignity and respect. Cannot say that about every judge. A beautiful life … May her memory be eternal.

  • Bruce and Flossie Bode

    Dear Kelsey, So very sorry to hear of your mom’s passing. Janet was always lively and fun to be around, especially at the Girl Scouts overnights as one of the chaperones. It was wonderful to read such a lovely tribute to her life.

  • George Weller

    Janet has been a friend of our family since she was a nursing student in Marquette, and we crossed paths many times later. Oh, we could tell stories! We were there when she brought Kelsey home! Oh, dear.. I am in tears. There is so much more. Another time, perhaps.

  • Marilyn Moyer

    I will have fond memories of you Judge Janet. You were a great friend and loved working for you from time to time. God Bless all of the family.

  • Terrie J Hartman Bullinger

    Tears and so many wonderful memories. She was a law clerk in Judge Gibsons Court
    room when I met her. We began playing racquetball at the community college, we were not very good. Then in early January I believe, we were playing and she was wearing Running shoes. She made a move that hurt her ankle and I took her to spectrum ER.. As I remember, it was broken. She was on crutches for weeks. Around the same time, she was blessed with receiving Kelsey. Very soon after that, I learned I was pregnant. When my son was born in September, she was there at the hospital with a cute little stuffed bear that became one of my son’s favorite stuffed animals. A couple of funny stories which show away she could be humble about her own parenting and gracious about other peoples parenting misaps.. The first was when I ran into her in the parking lot outside medical offices. I was leaving and she was preparing to take Kelsey for an appointment. Unfortunately in some ways she had locked the car while Kelsey was in her car seat inside the car. The second mishap, we shortly after she became judge and we had a scheduled luncheon together. As we walked towards each other on Ionia, she suddenly remembered she had to pick up Kelsey from school and take her to her daycare. She wasn’t terribly late for the pick up, but we laughed about it.
    At another time, she circulated and get me nominated to run in election for the state bar of Michigan representative assembly. I was elected and very thankful.
    In 2005, she presided over my marriage to my current husband. A wonderful memory.
    In 2008, she was the last friend I saw before I left for a job in AMERICAN SAMOA. She was so supportive and always made the time. You always knew that she would be there.
    These are not the only memories, but her humor and heart will be missed.
    Peace t Be with her family.

  • Shirley Ballamv

    So happy to have known her from high school and later in my visits to Marquette when she would also be visiting. Loved her wit!

  • Paul Wright

    A caring, compassionate, understanding individual of every citizen in so many ways. You will be greatly missed. RIP dear lady.

  • Penny DeMario

    She was my very favorite Judge during my 25 years at Juvenile Detention and she was a wonderful volunteer in our reading program after she retired from the bench. She will be so very missed from this community.


    Janet wasn’t just a valued voice in The MotherSingers; she offered excellent legal advice over lunch. Thanks to her wise referral, my late husband and I found just the right attorney to organize our wills and family trust for us. I am eternally grateful that I had the opportunity to get to know her.

  • Kimberly Lamborn-Nydam

    A friend of Tessa’s. Praying for the family!

  • Naesha Leys

    She was always smiling..she taught me many things when I first started to practice law…she touched many lives! My sympathies to her family

  • Vernis L. Schad

    It was such a pleasure to know Janet. I especially appreciate all that she did for the communiy. My deepest sympathy to all members of her family.

  • Sister Mary Ann Barrett OP,

    On behalf of the Aquinas community, we extend our heartfelt sympathy to you, Janet’s daughters: Erin and Kelsey and Janet’s siblings. Her journey in life was guided by her passion for learning and compassion for the most vulnerable people in society. She was recognized as a leader in her professional life. We are grateful for her contributions to the Women’s Center Programming at Aquinas College. May your memories always keep her close at heart.
    Know of our prayerful support at this time of grieving as well as celebrating her life eternal.

  • Deb Kammer

    I had the honor and pleasure of knowing Janet for many years. As a graduate from NMU we shared our love for Marquette and NMU. Working with her when she was an attorney representing children and parents in the neglect system and then the honor and pleasure of working with her when she was appointed to be a Probate Judge. Her wit, charm, and infectious laugh will be missed. Janet spoke often of her girls, Kelsey & Erin, family, grandchildren and her love for Marquette.
    Thoughts and prayers with Kelsey & Erin and family.

  • Gary Chamberlin

    Such a smart and kind soul. I only knew you, Janet, after your very accomplished legal career was over. But I really enjoyed those summer nights at at the Meijer Garden concerts.

  • Anne Chapman

    Janet brightened my life in many ways during my tenure as her pet/house sitter. She was so encouraging and inspiring and always inquired about my young career. In addition to a houseful of animals, the home was alive with arts and literature that were enlightening to me. Janet was one of the most enjoyable and kind people I’ve ever known.

  • Mike Walton

    I became friends with Janet many decades ago. After she was appointed to the Bench I asked her what she enjoyed about being a Judge. She leaned over and whispered “I win every fight”. I will greatly miss her.

  • Elaine Losey

    To her daughter’s being a neighbor of Janet’s was a pleasure always a smile whenever we would meet. May she RIP, Elaine Losey

  • Jim Woudstra

    I was so sorry to hear of Judge Haynes passing. In 2003 she gave me th opportunity to serve as a Guardian ad Litem, in her court. The citizens of Kent County were so lucky to have her on the bench. She was fair and compassionate. It was my honor to serve in her court.

  • Terri Lynn Land

    Judge Janet was the best! When I was Kent County Clerk she would stop by the office on election day and bring the staff cookies and grapes! She know we would be working late and wanted us to have some nourishment to get us through the night! We had many conversations over the years on politics, community and family. She will be missed and I am thankful for her service to Kent County and our great state of Michigan.

  • Kathleen Gomez

    I knew Janet MANY years ago when her daughter Erin took oboe lessons from me.
    I really enjoyed the few times we got to chat. Dear Erin and family: my deepest sympathy
    to you all.
    Prayers and hugs.

  • Jim Shade

    Her response from the bench to a struggling attorney: “Ah, the Court Rules–the last resort of a desperate man.” My favorite quote from a judge ever. And now I’ll miss her presence at Meijer Gardens concerts as much as the concerts themselves.

  • Aimee Cory

    I had the pleasure of working with Judge Haynes for many years. She was always down to earth and compassionate, loved talking about her children, grandchildren, friends, Tappers and the UP. If she was your friend, you never had to doubt she had your back. She had a gift for delivering court opinions gently, and many times had respondents nodding their heads in agreement that we are all on the same page getting you the help you need rather than feeling like they “lost.” I miss the road trips during the work day and doughuts and coffee between hearings at the hospitals. She was a special lady and made the world a brighter place. My sincerest condolences, Kelsey and Erin.

  • Rev. Matthew Cockrum

    Prayers for comfort and strength as you grieve, Erin & Kelsey. How can the community of Fountain Street Church best be in touch with you?

  • Ginny DeHaan & David Kempston

    We sure had some laughs together before the family moved out of the Ottawa Hills neighborhood. Your mom was super.

  • Fred Wooden

    Janet was a regular and cheerful part of worship at Fountain Street Church, something I came o cherish. That character and energy noted by so many others was evident even in the contemplative hour. Many was the time when i, looking down from the pulpit, would see her kind face looking toward me with encouraging attentiveness. Only in the last year or so could she no longer attend due to decline, and the pandemic made visiting her impossible. I missed here then, and miss her now. But glad to have had her in my personal and professional life.

  • Dick Happel

    Kelsey and Erin,

    Your mother was a consummate professional, very caring, concerned, and compassionate. I got to know her when working in Children’s Protective Services and she was a Judge with the Kent County Probate Court, Family Division. She always exhibited a kind ear and had a sensitive response when dealing with some very difficult situations in the mid 1980’s. As an attorney and a judge, she was a joy to work with and always willing to help – always gracious, prepared, kind, and fair in her rulings. Later I learned we also shared a sincere interest in the performing arts when interacting at FSC. Your mother was a smart, supportive, and inspiring person, and I am so sad and sorry to hear of her loss. You have my deepest sympathy. Shalom and Namaste.

  • Barbara Bush

    To the Family of Judge Janet Haynes:
    I am so very sorry to learn of your loss. Janet was quite a spirited woman, both professionally and personally. I am sure her demeanor of charm, kindness and compassion has had untold positive impact on so many lives. We were very fortunate to have had her among us. It was a pleasure to have known her. My deepest sympathy and condolences are extended to the family.

  • John DeRocher

    Oh my, so sad to read about Janet’s passing. What a remarkable career she had, helping others. I first met Janet in Marquette, MI when I was working at City Hall, a co-worker being Janet’s mother. Janet would stop in at City Hall to visit her mother. At the same time, like Janet, I was a student at Northern Michigan University. Often, our classes would get out at the same time so Janet would ask if I’d give her a ride home. She knew I was going to work at City Hall and my drive from Northern Michigan University to City Hall passed her family home. I offer my prayers to Janet.

  • Judith Vandenboom

    Janet was much beloved by all of her “Chicago Cousins” as she termed them. She visited us often in the fall, and for many of the family’s “Special” occasions. We missed her deeply when she fell too ill to visit. Janet was always down-to-earth and never bragged, which left me immensely impressed by her life’s history as provided by her obituary.

  • Alicia Ignatowski

    As a public guardian with a new baby, Janet graciously allowed my son to stay with me during court hearings. From infancy through his toddler years, he was on the stand with me more often than not. On occasion, she even recognized him as my assistant. Such a sweet and thoughtful way to help me remain in my job! Years later, I’d run into her at Meijer and we’d catch up. She’d wow me with tales of a recent trip and with equal enthusiasm, tell me about her grandchildren. Janet was lovely thru and thru.

  • Beverly Redd-Fountain

    My JJ. You were my friend for so many years, I will forever miss our court time, our lunches our talks and our laughter! Thank you for trusting me with your daughter, who I truly call “our” daughter, and always having my back! We always laughed about our escaping on that bicycle built for two, but you rode into the sunset, by yourself. Please hold my seat until I can ride with you again.❤️

  • John Roberts

    My sincere condolences to Janet’s family and friends.
    I just read about her passing in the NMU alumni magazine. Janet and I met in class at Northern in the fall of 1964 and became fast friends. Her marvelous sense of the absurd was always a source of joy.
    Our paths seem to have gone in different directions but I have such fond memories of our times together.

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