Mildred Merrilyn Anderson

06/23/1933   —   05/21/2020

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  • Bethany Hammond

    My sister and dear friend, I will miss your loving, gentle spirit, your witty sense of humor and your intellect. Your Christian faith was rock solid and served as an example to everyone. You raised 6 amazing children while taking care of a sick husband. Thank you for loving my brother. Thank you for our friendship. I miss you already. Bethany & Harry

  • Dave and Victoria Arnett

    Our love, our hearts, and our prayers are with all of the family. Aunt Millie was such a wonderful, caring, thoughtful and truly fun Aunt – and I’m so grateful for the time with her and the Anderson family while growing up. The time I (dave) spent there during childhood was wonderful, and I’m so thankful for the privilege. Her smile, her hugs and her care were such a gift, always. We are so very sorry for your loss. May God’s loving arms hold all of the family close in this time.

  • Kimberly A. Pillen Brown

    I send my deepest condolences and prayers to the family of Mildred Anderson. My memories of her as Matriarch of a kind and welcoming family home that celebrated time together with laughter and the best food one could ever hope to share will live on in my memories. Love lives on.

  • Leah Spitzer

    I have known Mrs. Anderson since the ripe old age of 15!
    I am now 61 years old.
    Mrs. Anderson has been an inspiration to me and an example of how a true Christian woman lives.
    What I remember the most about Mrs. Anderson is that no matter how old you were when you spoke to her she stopped and listened. Mrs. Anderson was truly taking the time out of her busy life to give you that moment (no matter how old )that made you feel like there was no one else in the room.
    Mr. and Mrs. Anderson gifted me with the best friend a girl and woman could ever know. I love you Beth
    I am blessed to have known you Mrs Anderson, may you find your rest in Gods Loving Arms!

  • Martha Hyypio-Irwin

    The writer of Proverbs 31 must of had a women like Millie Anderson in mind when he wrote the chapter on a virtuous women. Millie was a women one noticed when she walked in a room. Her sence of presents could be felt even when she was silent. Her kindness towards others was noted. Her love for her children had no boundaries. I feel blessed to have known Mrs. Anderson. …and gratefull for all her home cooked meals I was allowed to share along with laughter at the anderson table. Millie was the heart of her home and family.

  • Cindy Smeckert

    My life has been forever changed by Millie’s perseverance and faithful walk with the Lord in any circumstance. She welcomed me into her home when I was very young and pointed me straight to Jesus. Over the years, I could see that she lived in a unwavering surety that Christ could empower anyone to live in a Godly manner. I just loved being included in Sunday dinners after church and routine sleepovers where Millie always led the show shining for Jesus. It didn’t matter if she was cooking, cleaning, disciplining children or singing along with her Christian music, I could tell she was living in Jesus.
    Millie never let me go, but loved on me over many years. When my husband and I were working opposite shifts to watch our new baby, Millie picked up my oldest daughter for Awana every Wednesday that winter. I needed help and Millie made it happen. Millie always made time for me and made me feel important. Even up to the last years of her life, Millie didn’t complain or reflect bitterly about the past and present challenges. Even when battling numerous physical ailments, she knew that God is faithful and her life is in his hands. Millie’s love and Godly example will be with me all my days as I endeavor to follow her faithful and determined example. I feel so blessed and miss Millie already.

  • Sharon Cooper

    Loved being neighbors while our kids were young Good memories!

  • Lynn Cooper

    Even though we moved from being next door neighbors when I was 5 (+/1 a few months) your family has always been in our hearts. I always had a great time visiting the Anderson family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  • Jon & Shellie McChesney

    Aunt Millie was a wonderful aunt & an awesome person! Fun, spunky, quick witted, a bit sassy (which we loved) but always loving, kind & well meaning. She taught us to behave ourselves and have fun doing it. Her strong faith and spirit inspired us. Her humor & occasional slip of the tongue made us always giggle (which at times those slips seemed quite well timed). She was a consummate mom cooking for us when we visited and her house was always spotless even with a bunch of kids. She was so strong and dedicated to her family so much so that she inspired this in all who knew her. To know her was to feel loved by her. Our hearts and prayers as with you all as you experience these tough times. We love u!

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