Rita Boyce

5/21/1925   —   01/28/2020

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  • Jen Wilson

    Great Grandma Boyce~ your life was an absolute blessing! Your memory a treasure, you are loved beyond words and will be missed beyond measure!
    I will always remember my first time visiting to Michigan and meeting you. We went on a wonderful carriage ride and you so gracefully wore the coolest hat …that we call the “babooshka hat” to this day. I remember everyone gathered around in the living room playing cards while you cooked the most delectable meal. I admired the way all of your children and grandchildren were so comfortable, and being in your home brought back their childlike personalities. it has been great to observe how they have learned and adopted so many of the life lessons that you lived by example.
    I treasure the recipes of yours that have been handed down and make them regularly! We will continue to tell our children and grandchildren all about you and great grandpas life together. The love within you marriage and family, your hardwork and determination to give and live the best lives possible for your children!
    We all know that you will walk beside us everyday, unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed, still dear.

  • Miles Wilson

    I remember going shopping with Great Grandma in Grand Rapids and helping her out around the house. She was so kind to me and always made great food while also passing down some great recipes. I will cherish the memories from visiting her in Michigan and I know her legacy will live on through the Boyce family and all those she called friends and family.

  • Matt


    Thank you for such an amazing female role model to the family. The respect and love you commanded by your kids, children and others was countless. You were a pillar to the Boyce family and extensive clan to some pretty amazing memories. Your love for the family never faltered. In your late days, the family rallied around you in the same spirit of determination you showed.

    I have some fond memories of visiting you each year in Palm Springs and spending 1:1 time with you. It was an annual pilgrimage to enjoy both to joy a little sun and relaxation. In the winters of life you sought the sun. Your passing will be a test of resolve for those you left behind. But with every winter, comes the spring and an opportunity to live out the same virtues that you taught us.

    With love,

  • Holiday Wilson

    Great grandma-wow you are were such amazing woman. You are such an inspiration, living up to 94 year old. I remember visiting you as a kid! One time specifically when Reed and I went on an adventure with you out to the lake in front of your house. There were reed plants all over and pretty it was chilly. The neighborhood cat Rough would always be around. Another time when we were playing in the front yard we came across a gardener snake. We thought it was fake at first! Then, Rough came and picked it up in his mouth and ran away. I also am very great full that I got the opportunity to come to your 90th birthday! We went and got our nails done, and had a special lunch. I also remember when we were about to sing happy birthday to you, I accidentally blew out all 90 candle and we had to relight all them! I will remember all the special moments I got to share with you and am so great full I got to know and spend time with my great grandmother!
    Love, Holiday

  • Kimberly Wagner

    You will be missed dearly but your memories will live on forever! Your faith and love for family will always hold strong in your legacy you leave. There are many memories I have of you, especially as a young girl visiting you and Grandpa in Grand Rapids at a young age! I will always cherish the special one on one times I had with you and hold them close to my heart. I will share the stories with my young children and continue your legacy on in many ways. I am so happy you are now in a place of peace and happiness reunited with Grandpa and Mark. You will be another angel looking out upon us. I feel stronger and at peace knowing that.
    Thank you for being a loving grandmother and for your support always.
    I love you,

  • ReedWilson

    Great Grandma,
    You are one of my role models. You always stayed strong and so loving. I remember when I came back to Michigan you greeted me with open arms. I had so much fun at the lake house and just standing by your side. I am happy that you are in your happy place now and thank you for making memories with me and being such an inspiration .

    Lots of Love,

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