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06/27/1927   —   05/04/2016



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  • Assad Suleiman

    As I started my first working shift of the 2019 as an e-ICU RN this time 08:32 am at Advocate Aurora Health in Oak Brook Illinois; out of no where; it came to my mind Sister Theophane who was my Pediatric & Maternity Teacher at Bethlehem University in the Holy Land of Palestine, where I graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing Sciences.
    Sister Theophane is an admired person of faith, who denied herself for the sake of the unfortunate and destitute. She spent over 12yrs in the West Bank of Palestine, where she was a touch of Mercy and Kindness for the people living under an ongoing occupation. She has an eye-witness on the Palestinian plight that included collective punishment, Land confiscation, demolishing houses, uprooting trees, imprisonment of the underage for expressing their out rage towards the occupation of their home land. Now, there is an apartheid and segregation policy against the Palestinians that is culminating with ethnic cleansing through illegal policies to drive the natives out of the holy land; and I am one of the people who ended leaving the country, hopefully, temporarily for the harsh living conditions under the occupation.
    Sadly to say, the politicians in the states, were able to abuse the might of the government of the united states to legitimize the occupation of the holy land, then support it till this second, with help of the surrounding dictator regimes denying the aspirations of the middle eastern populous since the end of the great war in 1918.
    Sister Theophane was the humane face of the American people against the corrupted political harm inflected on the Palestinian people, but she was a band aid on the gushing Palestinian wounds.
    My colleagues and myself, will always remember Sister Theophane as a Humble person of peace and humane advancement in life through knowledge and healthy communication with respect to the different, since we all belong to the same origin. ” Oh People, We created you from a Man and a Woman; and we made you nations and tribe so you that you can get acquainted to each other; and best among you to Allah is the most Pious”.
    I raise my hat high, to the beloved Sister Theophane for her sacrifices to the Palestinian people, her image in my heart will always be in the Hall of Fame. As I thank her Family, for bringing to the World such a caring person, that treated us without prejudice or pity, but with respect and a caring heart.

    Assad Suleiman

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