Urns and Urn Vaults


Many choices are available today with additional ideas and urns available almost weekly. Urns can be used in the home, in the garden, on jewelry, at the cemetery, and even when cremains are scattered – at land or sea.

Choices are available in metal, wood, marble, glass, and a new series that offers an urn that is used in the garden as a sundial, birdbath, or fountain.

Many urns have a keepsake or companion urn that allows several family members an appropriate way to keep lasting remembrance of the deceased. Keepsake urns are smaller replicates of their full sized counterparts, and can sometimes be worn as jewelry.

Almost all urns offer the family the opportunity to be customized with names, dates, and some also offer the opportunity to add favorite text, picture or emblem appliques to signify hobbies, faith, or military service.

Some cemeteries require an urn vault for burial. Please inquire. Customization may incur additional costs and add time to your product’s delivery.

Living Memorials
Living Memorials

There are two ways of spreading light:

To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

– Edith Wharton

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