08/08/1969   —   02/24/2017


Born: October 21, 1942
Death: April 17, 2017


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  • Malachi

    Mark was my father. I’m proud to say that he made me the man I am today. Me and him didn’t really get along when he was with us and I really really wish we would’ve gotten along more the last day he had on this place we call earth l feel like god let me him and my little brother have time before his passing. That morning we all woke up late. He came barging in our room around 8:30 saying “ boys we woke up late” me and my brother wake up and say okay. He’s ask if we want a ride to school or ride the bus we said we want a ride so he have us a ride to school and the last thing I sed to him was I loved him… but my brother got yelled at cause he couldn’t get out of the car in time lol dad said boy get your ass out. After he dropped us off he went to the gym and around 10:30 he was doing curls but he stoped to clear his throat and that’s when he went down… they called 911 but they couldn’t get his heart going

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